If you’re trying to discover a new place to visit, look no further: travel to Costa Rica! For a tropical paradise, Costa Rica is accessible, safe, and diverse in its offerings.  Whether it’s to adventure, relax, or both, Costa Rica has all the ingredients for a dream vacation. The most beautiful beaches in the world line the coasts; its national parks are rampant with exotic animals, bugs, and plants; and the mountains and rivers scattered around the country are ready to give anyone’s adrenaline a test.

Travel to Costa Rica

When you travel to Costa Rica, don’t worry; it’s easy! With modern, international airports in Liberia and San Jose, Costa Rica is an extremely accessible destination. International airports around the world are constantly adding Costa Rica to their destination lists, and for those that don’t yet fly here in one go, transfers are easy! In the US, Houston and Miami are major transfer points and are both just 3 hours from Costa Rica.

In general, adventure tours are more abundant and thrilling towards the center of the country, where the rainforests stand tall among the mountaintops and gushing rivers. However, even out in the beach and coastal areas, zip lining and white water rafting tours are just a few hours away.

Many people opt to fly into San Jose and spend a few days near the Arenal Volcano. The hot springs and the surrounding rich wildlife provide ample activities for tourists before venturing off to another destination. Beaches on the Nicoya and Osa Peninsulas are extremely popular on the Pacific Coast, and one of the more renowned destinations on the Caribbean side is Puerto Viejo de Talamanca.

Occasionally, some people assume that Costa Rica is not a child friendly destination. However, Jennifer Conlin from the New York Times even said that parents should be eager to travel to Costa Rica with their children, particularly for its “ecosystem experience.”[1] With the country’s diverse terrain, climate, and living things, Costa Rica can dazzle anyone with its beauty and wonder. Moreover, who doesn’t like beautiful beaches and monkeys? Similarly, there are plenty of great sightseeing tours for people who aren’t very mobile.

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[1] http://travel.nytimes.com/2007/07/29/travel/29greeceside.html

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