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Southern Zone, Guanacaste

The main tourist center of Southern Zone of Guanacaste is the city of Nicoya. Other tourist destinations are the beach cities of Montezuma and St. Theresa. The main destinations of the Southern Zone are the spectacular beaches. There is potential for the development as well as ready to buy homes and condos.

Enjoy Costa Rica’s natural beauty such as the arrival of the turtles Lora in the Wild Life National Refuge Ostional and the estuary and mangrove swamp of the south side. The mangroves are ideal sites for the bird watching, flora and fauna, as well as kayaking. 

There are more secluded beaches such as Islita, Bejuco, San Miguel, Coyote and Guiones. The area has an efficient public transportation and well as ferryboats (Paquera community and Naranjo beach), which make travel easy. 

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