One major obstacle to overcome when relocating and shipping to Costa Rica (or any country) is deciding what to bring with. Some people keep a residence in the United States where some or all of their things can stay. For the rest, everything must go! To people in either category, we recommend bringing at least some stuff that makes home feel like home, even if you’re buying a pre-furnished home. Figuring out your essentials and how to get them to Costa Rica is extremely important and can be a lengthy process! Hopefully, this article will help you break ground.

Shipping to Costa Rica

Most people underestimate what they’ve accumulated over the years. When you start thinking about your tools, cooking dishes, silverware, flower vases, coffee maker, towels, sheets, pillows, books, and the rest of the never-ending list of things that contribute to your daily life, the whole process begins to seem overwhelming. As soon as you can, start making a list of what you want to bring. When the time comes, you’ll thank yourself for planning ahead. If you are looking at a pre-furnished home, you’ll still want to bring some sentimental objects. Decent quality appliances can be found at reasonable prices, so don’t worry about stripping out your fridge or stove.

If you’re very particular about your comfort, you’ll probably want to bring your chairs, beds, and couches from home. Locally made Costa Rican furniture is high quality, but known to be fairly uncomfortable.  Keep in mind that your financial situation can sway the route you pursue when considering shipping to Costa Rica. If your residence in Costa Rica will be a second home, items similar North American and European products can be bought, but they will be significantly more expensive. Be creative! One possibility is re-furnishing your place back home and bringing your used stuff with you.

Shipping a car to Costa Rica is one of the more hotly debated topics. In most cases, it’s simply not worth it. The import fees are astronomical, from 50%-75% of a car’s retail value. Since the country does not manufacture any cars, they have a limited scope of what is imported. Should anything go wrong, finding the parts may be impossible. If you are attached to your car or ship something that’s pretty old, it may be worth it. However, be prepared to buy a car here eventually. Beware: they are expensive and make sure to find someone you can trust before purchasing anything. Of course, we at CREC (CostaRicaRealEstate.Com) are always available to help with these sorts of tasks, so contact us at any time about shipping to Costa Rica, or anything else!

At the end of the day, shipping a 20’ or 40’ container will cost around $10,000, depending on what’s packed inside. Insurance is available, but it’s pricey and often covers lost items only. Your container will not go overboard, so don’t worry about it. Everything included in the containers will have some sort of import fee. Brand new items will cost more than used items, and specific goods will be taxed more heavily – like electronics.  There is competition, so read testimonials online of shipping experiences through various companies.

Costa Rica is a developing country with a growing of demand for name brand items and products. If you take a trip out here before moving, spend a little time checking prices and availability of various items, so relocating goes as smoothly as possible!

If you have any questions, or need help finding a provider for shipping to Costa Rica, we’d be happy to help out!

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