Buying Property in Costa Rica

Buying Property in Costa Rica: Houses vs. Condos

Thinking about buying property in Costa Rica? A piece of land can be a great investment, whether you’re looking for a new place to call home or wanting to earn passive income by renting it out. But the process of buying property in Costa Rica differs from buying it in the U.S. and other countries,…

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Costa Rica Land for Sale

How To Find Costa Rica Land for Sale

Costa Rica is an incredibly beautiful country with coastlines on both the Pacific and Caribbean Oceans. It’s well-known for its biodiversity, beaches, and laid-back way of life, which draw countless tourists to the location each year. But when you want to be more than just a tourist, you may consider buying Costa Rica land. Explore…

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Children getting ready for parade in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Independence

In a country the size of West Virginia, and a population of just over five million, it was very impressive that Costa Rica

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Flamingo has Something for Everybody Featured Image

Flamingo has Something for Everybody

ICosta Rica Real Estate is based in the residential and commercial community of Flamingo in Costa Rica. As a result, we know pretty much every activity a homeowner or vacationer might want to do while in the area, located on the Northwest coast on the Pacific Ocean.

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Two Red Parrot

Red Macaw Wanderlust

Red Macaw Wanderlust ADVENTURE Red Macaw Wanderlust is for those of us that crave adventure and love to explore the unknown. Do I have an adventure for you! Located in the Deep South west region of Costa Rica, I came across a location for a honey moon destination. We left the central valley of San…

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Man Walking on a Bridge

Costa Rica Tours

Costa Rica Tours Costa Rica Tours is a good reason for adventure travel! Adrenaline and nature seekers alike can enjoy their fill of the animated wildlife, picturesque terrain, and unforgettable experiences! Costa Rica has a lot to offer! Most tourists wish to experience the adventure an array of available Costa Rica Tours and commit a…

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Sunset view

Golfing in Costa Rica

Golfing in Costa Rica Central America’s Hole in 1! Golfing in Costa Rica may not be recognized as an international golfing destination, to any golfers that visit, we recommend you give it a shot! Golf vacations are constantly becoming more popular; with brand new courses scattered around the country and various businesses devoted tourists’ golfing…

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Man Surfing

Surf Costa Rica

Surf Costa Rica: Where The Waves Never End! If you’re a surfer, a surfer in training, or just a guy named Jim who likes potato chips, come surf Costa Rica! The Central American paradise is home to many of the world’s premium surf spots, including Tamarindo, Jaco, Hermosa, and others! Surf Costa Rica! First off,…

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