Red Macaw Wanderlust


Red Macaw Wanderlust is for those of us that crave adventure and love to explore the unknown. Do I have an adventure for you! Located in the Deep South west region of Costa Rica, I came across a location for a honey moon destination. We left the central valley of San Jose at 6:00 am & started our drive down, we passed the lush green mountains of el ´´El Cerro de la Muerte´´ I was captivated by the lush green surrounding and the vegetation, believe it or not pretty cold. Once we came out of the mountain, we arrived at the intersection to head west, the map we had, said we needed to first arrive to a town called Puerto Jimenez. Here is where the adventure started, we hit it off with dirt roads on and off (it was rainy season by the way) the scenery got more intense and just breath taking, we actually went around the sweet golf (Golfo Dulce), when we arrived at the town of Puerto Jimenez, we located the lodging, checked in, we were given further driving instructions, to actually get there. We started our drive and right away we encountered River number 1, then river number 2, as soon as our emotion began we were stopped by a road block, it was already 11:00 am and we needed to get there before hard rain started to fall, we were stuck there for more than 4 hours, the inevitable hard rain started to fall, by the time they finished placing the pipes beneath the  road, it was starting to get dark, little did we know we had to cross about 10 rivers more and they were all grown, we were fortunate to have met locales that helped us crossed those rivers, suddenly, we made it to Playa Carate, there we had to leave the car in a parking area, and walk 3 miles more to the lodge, the first river we crossed by foot was huge I was almost swept by the current, but newly husband caught my hand and pulled me out, we walked for about 2 hours in the night we saw a light in the dark and arrived, the staff was waiting for us they took us to a camping tent that was beautiful, unique, a full size bed decorated with local flowers and swan shaped towels, the tent was on a balcony that had lounge chairs, and get this, the bathroom was out doors, surround by the jungle I had never had a shower under the stars, all this under candle light, because the area was so remote, that there was no electricity.

Macaw Couple in the tree

We headed for dinner to the common area, we had the most delicious local dish, the food was to die for, so fresh, we met a couple that had been stranded there for almost 2 weeks because the rain was so bad, they couldn’t get to town, that very night we decided we would leave next day. After breakfast, that was just as delicious as dinner, we packed and headed our walk back to the car, I immediately noticed a scandalous sound coming from the palm trees I turn to look and there they were HUNDREDS!! Of red Macaws, they flew over us, between us, all sizes, the colors were amazing vibrant, the sound was harmonious, at this moment I knew the long trip, was all worth it, we noticed that the river we crossed was very much smaller as were all the other rivers back to the town, the couple we met were on their way out to, we saw them next one of the rivers, in a rental that had been flooded by the river on their way in, they had just left it there, so if you love adventure and remote locations this is the place for you.

Carate Beach, Costa Rica

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August 20, 2021

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