We are fortunate to be able to enjoy the holiday season in paradise and to express our gratitude we would like to extend a warm (no pun intended) Merry Christmas and well wishes as we head in to 2019.

Life in the tropics is completely different than what it is like back home in Canada. Aside from the obvious being no snow, the season is completely the opposite. When Canada/US are experiencing winter we are enjoying our summer months. For example Xmas day was a toasty 34C

Here the most common Xmas dinner is not turkey but instead tamales. What are tamales you might be wondering?

In Costa Rica, two kinds of tamales are considered typical: tamal asado, which is stuffed, and tamal mudo (mute tamale), which has no stuffing. Traditionally, these tamales are exclusive to special occasions such as Christmas and Holy Week, because of the careful preparation and length of time required. Today’s tamale is usually stuffed with pork, and sometimes chicken or beef, and also garlic, sweet or hot peppers, green beans, onions, rice and potatoes and boiled wrapped in a banana leaf.

If you really want the full details of the history of tamales in Costa Rica then visit here: https://howlermag.com/2017/12/tamale-time-tasty-tico-tradition-dates-back-thousands-years/

One thing Ticos do share with us Canadians and Americans is the fact that Christmas is a time you want to be with family and loved ones. However instead of being bundled up indoors or frolicking in the snow we play at the beach or swim in a nearby river to cool down from the heat.

At the end of the day Christmas is a special time in Costa Rica so from our family to yours we wish you a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year 2019!

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