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Finca de Los Angeles, A Tranquil Retreat in the Turrialba Hills

Property ID: 10336
Turrialba (rural),
Costa Rica/Cartago, Costa Rica
$US59900 For Sale
  • 1706
  • 0
  • 1 Bedroom
  • 1 Bathroom
  • 473 sq ft


Property Status
➢The property is owned by a Sociedad Anonima (SA) – Costa Rica’s version of an LLC; this protects the property and the owner.
➢My sister and I are officers of the S.A., which simplifies any transactions.
➢The buyer can buy the SA and avoid the costs of creating a new Sociedad Anonima.
➢Property was appraised in December 2016 to have a value of $US87,487.

➢Approximately 25 minutes (5 km) by car from Turrialba centro
➢2.3 km off the main road to Santa Cruz (and the “upper road” to Cartago), the final ½ km (500 m) is steep and requires a 4×4
➢GPS coordinates are (approximately): 9.954799 & -83.718940
➢Bus stop at highway for buses to Turrialba and to San Rafael and Santa Cruz (above)
➢The Turrialba Volcano ash generally blows the other direction (toward San Jose) no ash has landed on the property.

The House (Cabana)
➢Built in 2010
• Main floor – 8m x 4m (26.25’ x 13.12’); 32m2 (344.44 sq. ft)
• Loft – 4m x 3m (13.12’ x 9.8’ ) 12m2 (129 sq. ft.)
• Total sq. ft. of construction = 473
• Timber frame – 5m x 4m sala
• Posts – teak
• Beams – laurel
• Crafted with traditional mortices &
• Timbers were cut and crafted under the supervision of master timber framer, Steve Chappell
➢ Standard wood frame – 3 m x 4 m – kitchen & bath
➢ Patio (cement) = 4.3 m x 3.3 m
➢ Contractor – Alexis (Macho) Leiva. Typically don Alexis builds much larger, more expensive/luxury houses. It was very fortunate that he was available and agreed to build the house, both because he had a few months between his big projects, and also because he was interested in the timber frame project.

• House faces south/southeast
• Views of sunrises
• Views of Turrialba in the valley & the Talamanca Mts. & the Reventazon watershed
• Night view – the lights of Turrialba and the houses in the hills beyond.
➢ View to the west for gorgeous sunsets
➢ The house sits close the road. It is welcoming to greet the neighbors and sharing news when they walk up and down the hill.
➢ Further up the road, there are 3 part-time Costa Rican neighbors who come on weekends and for holidays. Down the road are cabanas of Costa Rican neighbors and three casitas that are weekend getaways for folks from Turrialba and San Jose.

The Land
➢ Size
• 19793 m2 – just shy of 2 hectares; (213, 050 sq. ft.) = 4.89 acres
• Most of the land is located on the other side of the small river that runs across the property down the hill from the house.
➢ Features
• A small river with many boulders & several waterfalls runs across the property down the hill below the cabana. The sound of the river is a constant soothing presence; at night, typically the only sounds are the river and the night insects.
• Another small river forms the back border of the property and there is a 25’ waterfall located just upstream. The waterfall is not on the property, but it is a lovely place to visit on a hot day.
• There are walking trails throughout the property – along the river, through el bosque (the woods), next to the pine forest, back to the trail that goes down to the ravine where the 25’ waterfall is, and below the house to the north border – which provides a great view of the river.
• The property has many types of trees and a bosque (woods) that has regenerated on the hillside across the river facing the house.
• ~1000 9-year old pine trees that create a peaceful, small pine forest. While the pine trees are a growing asset, I hope the new owner may appreciate them for the beauty & special quality they add to the property, rather than harvesting them.
• There is a eucalyptus grove at the top of the hill across the river.


Custom Woodwork

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