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Escazu Penthouse

Property ID: 5363
Escazu, Escazu,
Costa Rica
  • 1107
  • 0
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2.5 Bathrooms
  • 2539 sq ft
Don Halbert
Don Halbert
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Construction is concrete slab walls, floor and ceiling. Elevator opens directly into the apartment and the elevator door and main entrance door are secured by Multi-Lock. Additional security is provided by push button electromagnetic door locking system that exerts 600 pounds per square inch and is backed up by emergency batteries incase of electrical failure. The doors are handmade to order and are covered in Costa Rican cow hides.

The entrance lobby is paneled with full sized Italian marble slabs and the marble moldings and joining edges are fashioned in the classical French style seen in such places as Versailles Palace. These slabs are large and it takes a special skill to install them and this type of work is not seen much in modern day Costa Rican construction projects. The lobby lamps are by Promemoria, one of the most highly acclaimed Italian design houses and are made of bronze in limited number.

No expense was spared in collecting the finest furniture, surface materials, lamps and light fixtures. All these items are of the top Italian design houses without exception. Most of the furniture is by BandB Italia and Maxalto. They are the recognized leaders in modern interior decoration and furniture design. The sofa is designed by Paolo Piva for BandB Italia, the Andy sofa looks and feels great. Its clever design incorporates an easy to operate mechanism. Its seats can be moved forward, converting this sofa into a chaise longue, or even, if both seats are moved, to a bed.

Bathroom toilets, bidets and sinks are made by Duravit. Porcelain towel racks and master bathroom accessories are made by Boffi. All glass mosaic tiles in the kitchen and the bathrooms are by Bisazza, one of the most authoritative luxury design brands, and a world leader in the production of glass mosaics for the decoration of interiors.

The apartment is equipped with electronic smart home features such as a sophisticated electronic surveillance system which allows the owner to monitor the rooms from the television sets or remotely via the internet. In addition the lights and the electronically operated sun shades can be programmed to preset positions and operated by a remote control unit. There is a flood protection cut off valve for the water pipe that is activated automatically if a pipe breaks and the apartment were to begin to flood. There is an emergency escape ladder located on the guest bedroom balcony that allows an escape route in case fire or earthquake.

This apartment has been designed and built to high standards with beauty, security and safety in mind. Its location offers great views, privacy and tranquility as well as convenience of nearby shopping and restaurants.


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