Heredia is the smallest of 7 provinces in Costa Rica and is home to a large capital city of the same name. It is centered at the top of the country and stretches nearly as far south as the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula.  It is nicknamed Ciudad de las Flores, which translates to City of Flowers, because the province is known to produce beautiful flowers and especially beautiful women! The majority of the province falls in the northern lowlands, but also contains damp highlands and mild portions of the Central Valley.


A beautiful view of Heredia

Although Heredia doesn’t boast any beachfront land, it is nonetheless a great place for tourists to visit! The La Paz Waterfall Gardens and Braulio Carrillo National Park are two places that draw people through the province. The La Paz Waterfall Gardens is located alongside the Poas volcano, and is great for viewing flowers and birds, as well as the wonderful waterfalls! A total of 5 waterfalls, each one with great viewing platforms built into the lush trails. Braulio Carrillo National Park is rich with biodiversity and is a great place to hike and take in the natural environment. The park opened in 1978 as an effort to preserve forests during the building of the Guápiles Highway. The park is named after Braulio Carrillo, the third president of Costa Rica.

For the most part, Heredia is a hot province year round. Temperature is by cloud coverage and sporadic rains throughout the year; September-October and February-May tend to be the driest months. An average of 4 meters of rain falls a year.

The city of Heredia is home to over 40,000 people and is quickly becoming one of the most industrialized cities in Costa Rica. The city also contains a major university, the National University of Costa Rica. Its current location was once the village of Barva, which was founded shortly after Spanish conquistadors established Cartago in 1563.  Much of the colonial architecture still stands today, giving certain areas a wondrous, rustic vibe. Heredia’s Central Park is renowned for its beauty. It’s lined by fresh mango trees, and contains the famous La Inmaculada Concepción church. Casa de la Cultura, a museum of sorts, displays a diverse display of artwork and various historical exhibits, and is also located in Central Park.

Heredia San Rafael

San Rafael – A majestic cathedral in Heredia

Overall, the province has land rich for agriculture, mountain ranges, coffee plantations, urban areas such as Heredia city, as well as nice neighborhoods for settling down. For tourists, scenic, reclusive mountain resorts make great and scenic stays. Heredia is a magnificent province and should be on the list for anyone who wishes to explore Costa Rica.

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