If you’re starting to look at what’s for sale in Costa Rica, you’ve picked a good time! The real estate market is gaining momentum, prices are affordable, and the quality and quantity of options are constantly increasing! Homes, condos, and lots across all price ranges can be found nearly anywhere in the country. No matter your price range, desired climate, or density of population, the perfect 2nd home or permanent residence is awaiting you in Costa Rica!

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Costa Rica Map

A brief, general map of Costa Rica

Temperatures in Costa Rica’s coastal regions hover around 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit year round and have two major season: rainy season and dry season. The Central Valley of Costa Rica has mild weather, with temperatures around 75 degrees Fahrenheit year round. Some people love the sun and the heat, opting for beach areas; though, central Costa Rica is the most popular place for retirees and other expatriates because of the pleasant weather and the proximity to San Jose, which is where most of Costa Rica’s infrastructure is located.

Surprising to many, homes in the Central Valley were not hit hard by the US housing crash. Prices are very affordable; dream-homes can be found in the $300k range! Although sales experienced less interruption in the area, oceanfront property continues to be in high demand and more costly. Yet great homes, like this one recently marked down $200,000, and various condos are always available for sale in Costa Rica!

Casa Vistas Del Mar in Playa Langosta

Located in Playa Langosta, Casa Vistas Del Mar was recently knocked down to $595,000!

Recently, financing in the Costa Rica real estate market has become increasingly accessible. Traditionally, most purchases are paid for in cash, due to extremely unattractive financing rates (when it could even be found). Certain banks are starting to lend at rates similar to the US, though it can be hard to find, and it is often reserved for residents only.  Banks can be hard to deal with here, so cash is still the best option when considering purchasing a home, condo, or lot for sale in Costa Rica.

If and when it comes time to start seriously considering purchasing something that’s for sale in Costa Rica, discovering country’s accessibility makes it an attractive destination.  With major international airports located in the northwest city of Liberia and in the central, capital city of San Jose, it is very easy to fly to this country no bigger than the state of West Virginia and get to your final destination. Direct flights to either airport come daily from all across the US, however, it is cheaper (and easy) to make a quick stop in Miami or Houston, both just 3 hours from Costa Rica!

Family in Costa Rica

A family enjoying the beach during sunset.

Over the past decade, Costa Rica has seen quite an influx of permanent residency from expatriates. For those looking to retire, similarly minded people are easy to find and ready to enjoy paradise with new friends.  Families are also becoming increasingly interested in moving down here, since high-quality, bilingual, private schools are becoming more prevalent and accessible. So, to anyone who’s interested: come check out what’s for sale in Costa Rica!

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