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Costa Rica Tours is a good reason for adventure travel! Adrenaline and nature seekers alike can enjoy their fill of the animated wildlife, picturesque terrain, and unforgettable experiences!

Costa Rica has a lot to offer!

Most tourists wish to experience the adventure an array of available Costa Rica Tours and commit a few days of their vacation to various activities. In general, almost all offered tours can be accessed from anywhere in the country. Though one rafting river on one side of the country may be superior to another, or one zip lining tour a little bit more epic than the next, amazing adventures are scattered all over the country so there’s no need to stress over picking a destination based solely on its accessibility to tours.

Horse Riding

For those coming to Costa Rica for an extended run at one type of activity, extensive trips are available. Depending on the type of tour, some last up to 14 days. Wildlife tours can hit 10+ destinations in a 2 week span, taking adventurers all across the country to breathtaking spots otherwise inaccessible. However, for people who want a medium sized sample of Costa Rica’s unending nature, there is common ground between a single day trip and a 2 week adventure. Other popular multiday Costa Rica tours include rafting trips of 6+ rivers, hiking, surfing, and camping.


When going on single day tours, a bus will almost always pick up the guests at their hotel or rental unit. Since destinations are usually a few hours away, it’s possible that someone staying near the Central Valley could go on the same rafting or zip lining tour as someone staying in Guanacaste. Though, visitors staying on the coast may have a longer commute since much of Costa Rica’s extreme and spirited locations are at higher altitudes inland.

Sunset View from Boat

Most trips are suitable for people of all ages. Though advanced hiking, scuba diving, and white water rafting trips are available, all of these activities are available for the average traveler. From curious little ones to old-timers, basic white water rafting adventures, zip lining, nature hikes, wildlife tours, and many more activities are perfect for the whole family. For those who truly want to experience Costa Rica in full bloom, Costa Rica tours offer the opportunity of a lifetime.


If you have any questions, please contact us! We’d be happy to lend our expertise and line you up with the best Costa Rica tours in the country.

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June 2021

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