Over the past few years we’ve seen a rise in interest from Americans, Canadians and Europeans, who been choosing to buy homes in Costa Rica. What’s most surprising to many is when they discover that even in despite of the pandemic currently enveloping the world, interest is still on the rise.

Why? For a number of reasons actually. Here are a few of the most common reasons why expats are flocking to this tiny Central American nation of 5 million.

  1. Quality of Life: Costa Rica is one of a few countries having the distinction of being considered Blue Zones. This means that those who live here have longer than average life expectancy and a more satisfied existence when considering a number of lifestyle factors.
  2. No Army: in December of 1948, then President José Figueres Ferrer, abolished the Costa Rican military and instead re-routed funding to education and healthcare.
  3. Civil Unrest: political division and civil unrest in the US and around the world have pushed many to seek refuge in other countries. During the 2016 US Presidential Elections, Costa Rica witness a massive influx of expats. It has been said something similar may occur in 2020.
  4. Affordability: now although Costa Rica never claims to be the cheapest place to retire, it’s certainly far more affordable than the US or Canada and many other Latin American countries.
  5. Weather: yup…it’s true. Some simply move to Costa Rica for the incredible tropical climate and year-round temperate climate. Summertime all year!

In all honesty though it’s in my personal opinion that again this year with COVID and the US elections, many Americans will be considering the move and without doubt, Costa Rica will be on that short list of top places to retire.

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