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Costa Rica Pura Vida is called the land of pure life. It’s a country that God has blessed with immense natural beauty and tropical climate to comfort all. The country has no army and the government strictly implements environment-friendly policies. It’s nearly one-third the size of England, yet comprises a large variety of views and services to offer. From volcanoes to beaches and farmer markets to rainforests, Costa Rica has it all. Going there for only a week shall be enough to convince on becoming a permanent resident. Here are some of the best highlights of living in Costa Rica.

Natural Beauty

Costa Rica is a sundry country that has numerous natural attractions. You can find rainforests, volcanoes, and an abundance of wildlife are separated by just a few minutes’ drive.


The country contains 27 national parks that preserve around 75% of the land’s true essence in the current era. All of Costa Rica’s wildlife is being preserved here. The residents have more opportunities than others to explore and learn about the wildlife and the specialties of this adorable region.

Costa Rica is famous for its always increasing focus on high standards of healthcare on minimal costs.


The residents can opt for any of the two options: first is the Caja (Their public healthcare system). The second option is the Caja in combination with additional insurance. Getting your medical checkups and treatments through Caja is limited to only 10 major hospitals and clinics. However, the number of facilitation centers and hospitals is growing rapidly. The medical benefits cost almost 10% to 11.5% of your income. 


Mostly, residents let a private insurance take care of their medical problems by signing for a plan of $50 to $100 per month. The insurance rates vary depending on the gender, medical condition, and age of the person. These private plans also offer a variety of hospitals to choose, unlike the Caja method.

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Cost of Living

Value of the dollar has been strong in Costa Rica for quite a while now. It has been on the rise for the past decade and may aid in increasing your value of money. The basic cost of living is very economical. A single family home can be rented at $250 per month and can be bought for as less as $50,000. Utility bills are also nowhere near other North American country utility expenses.


Services like plumbing, gardening, and other home maintenance costs are also cheap, while imported products can also be purchased at fair rates.


You can set up a budget where you can run the house, travel and try out new experiences now and then. All of it will still cost you less than what is your current household cost living in a crowded country. You can live a luxurious life as well by choosing how you spend. There are many options to improve your lifestyle as well.

Secure and Stable

The country has been governed peacefully for more than half a century and that also, without any armed forces. This alone shows the high level of safety the residents have.


Costa Rican government works through a democratic system and people are given the right to elect their leaders every 4 years.


Most of the population in Costa Rica belongs to the middle class and wealth is distributed evenly among the masses.


The Congress works tirelessly on creating new public safety laws. The latest driving laws that impose higher fines on violators are an example.

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Don Halbert
June 2021

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