Costa Rica living is becoming increasingly enticing to many, and there are countless reasons why!

The most noticeable draw to Costa Rica, on the surface, is the nation’s unparalleled beauty. From lush jungle to immaculate ocean views, exotic wild animals and heavenly weather, consider this a warning: if you come here, you may never want to leave! But on a deeper level, the pace of life that Costa Rica offers, the quality and cost of health care, the cost of living, and the quality of education are just a few things that draw so many people here. The influx of people moving to Costa Rica includes retirees, students, families, people relocating for work, nomads, and more.

Costa Rica Living

Pura Vida is a Costa Rican expression that reflects peace and happiness.

Pace on general day-to-day basis is much more laid back than in the US (or various European and Canadian regions).  However, as a general rule of thumb, things take a bit longer here. Contrary to America, efficiency and convenience are not priorities. You may find yourself waiting in lines, experiencing lackadaisical customer service (based on American standards), and definitely traveling greater distances to get items of need.  Though, depending on location, it is possible that such experiences will never be had! On a more positive note, the overwhelming sense of being rushed or the constant stress of feeling like there’s somewhere else to be is not nearly as present.

Home to Costa Rica is the expression “Pura Vida.”

Pura Vida is used to express enthusiasm, agreement, or as a salutation. It translates directly to “pure life” or “plenty of life,” but holds greater meaning.  Costa Rica living is nearly synonymous to Pura Vida conceptually; it’s about appreciating life, the beauty of your surroundings, and knowing that things could be worse. It is reminiscent of the more well-known phrase “Hakuna Matata.” So when you’re ready to visit, make sure to come prepared to dip your toes in the water during sunset.

Costa Rica is also renowned for its practices in medicine and is a popular destination for medical tourism.  Both public and private health care sectors are consistently advancing their resources, with many English speaking, European and American trained doctors.  Despite continued progress on an already solid foundation, cost remains very affordable.

The cost of living in Costa Rica can be much cheaper than in the places of those who seek it out. Since many people looking to move to Costa Rica desire a  simpler life, leaving behind material wants lends to a much cheaper lifestyle. Building a home or renting is cheaper than in the US or similar nations, and food, if you shop and eat where the Ticos do, is cheaper and extremely tasty! However, automobiles, gas, and luxury import items are more expensive in Costa Rica.

Overall, Costa Rica provides a simple style of living, conducive to a more connected relationship to nature and peacefulness. In general, Costa Rica living is cheaper than other developed nations, though to say that it is dirt-cheap would be an overstatement.

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