There is always a large selection of Costa Rica homes for sale, which can be both daunting and exciting for buyers; it’s nice to have options, but choosing between dream homes might be difficult! By starting with a price range and a general location, the scope will be properly focused, but there’s still a lot more to it! Once picking an area and price range, there could still be over a dozen viable options, so it’s best to look towards other qualities.

Some homes in Costa Rica are nestled comfortably in the rainforest.

Some people prefer to be immersed in the action and buy a house in a town like Tamarindo. However, there are just as many people looking for Costa Rica homes for sale tucked away in a nook in the jungle. Many people come to Costa Rica to escape the constant hustle of their home country and salivate at the idea of being beyond shouting distance of their neighbors. However, busier areas (outside of major cities like San Jose and Alajuela) can still be extremely peaceful despite the increased action. It all depends on preference. Homes in the midst of towns will have easier access to public transit, restaurants, bars, and stores, while jungle-goers will have the freedom they’ve always dreamed of. For people right in the middle, there are even places on the fringes that offer both the proximity to the action yet the seclusion of the rainforest.

Continuing off of the same premise, convenience is important to consider when viewing Costa Rica homes for sale. It’s important to pick a location that’s not completely in the middle of nowhere (unless that’s where you want to be). While viewing a home or simply looking at a listing, find out where the nearest supermarket or gas station is. Costa Rica is about adventure as much as it is about relaxation; some people sit back and enjoy the scenic, bumpy drives. Exploring is fun, but sometimes not so much when you’re desperate for gas or a snack.

Many Costa Rica homes for sale come furnished!

Size and age are both important factors when searching for a home. The size and age will influence price just as much as the value of the land it sits on. A rustic 2 bedroom house on the beach can cost more than a modern 4 bedroom elsewhere. Nearly all homes geared towards expatriates are built with modern amenities, so its important to check for maintenance and durability rather than up-to-date features when viewing Costa Rica homes for sale.


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