Playa Flamingo

flamingo house 2Popular amongst both locals and tourists, Playa Flamingo exemplifies the typical “white sand beaches of the tropics”.

With it’s pure white sand crescent shaped beach to the lavish mansions and hotels that dot the cliffs overlooking this magical place, Playa Flamingo is a hotspot for sport fishermen and boat enthusiasts alike with it’s world-class marina.

It is credited with being the birthplace of tourism in the country and one look will erase any doubt you may of had. Tourists flock to the area each year in droves while vacation companies here can hardly keep up with the demand.

Development here is rapidly expanding and with news of the governmental approval of the new marina, this is surely to grow. Real estate around this incredible beach is high in demand given it has so much to offer foreigners looking to relocate here. The bustling expat community here is welcoming and thriving.

Unlike many beach communities, Flamingo Beach has no village center. The community that extends east is home to exclusive beachfront resorts and coveted private properties including some of the country’s most desirable gated communities. Neighboring beaches Conchal and Brasilito offer a few more options for those looking for a little nightlife while a short 30 minute drive to Tamarindo gives you the ultimate beach nightlife in the country.

Daniel Oduber Quiros International Airport offers seamless travel to the region, and Flamingo Beach can be access by way of a paved road the entire way. Alternatively, the smaller airport in Tamarindo receives domestic flights from around the country, and from this airport visitors are a short taxi or bus ride away from Flamingo Beach.

Demographics near Playa Flamingo, Guanacaste

Town Province
Security Rating High High
Population 3,500 354,154
Expat Population High Medium
Median Expat Age 55.7 35.3
Avg Yearly Temperature 76-90 degrees F 72-80 degrees F
Median Home Prices $423,841 $299,530