Costa Rica Community Guide

This will be the category by which site visitors who are interested in a particular region of the country, will be able to read insider tips, demographical data, geographical data and even nearby activities.

Over time we hope to provide content across the most popular communities throughout Costa Rica where expats prefer flamingo house 1most. Additionally we will also expand this community directory to include even the “little known” communities so that any potential investor here can research their buying decision thoroughly and intelligently.

Not only is Costa Rica one of the most bio-diverse locations on the planet with respect to both flora and fauna, but it is also filled with pockets of thriving expat communities spread out across the entire countryside.

In our experience we have discovered that, and this may surprise many, not everyone is interested in living on the beach. In fact it is quite the contrary. But before you make that call based off misinformation, please read our community guides for Costa Rica.