Buying Property in Costa Rica

Buying Property in Costa Rica: Houses vs. Condos

Thinking about buying property in Costa Rica? A piece of land can be a great investment, whether you’re looking for a new place to call home or wanting to earn passive income by renting it out. But the process of buying property in Costa Rica differs from buying it in the U.S. and other countries, so it’s important to know what to look for and consider as you shop. One decision you’ll have to make is whether to buy a house or an apartment for sale in Costa Rica.

Comparing Property Types

A house is typically a single-family residence within a standalone structure. Many benefits come with buying a house, including increased privacy and potentially some outdoor space on the property. An apartment is a unit within a multifamily structure, although it’s typically available for rent. The key difference between an apartment and a condominium is the ownership. Condos are sold individually, while apartments are usually rented to tenants. But you might hear of apartments for sale in Costa Rica, as the terms are often used interchangeably.

Another type of residence you might consider when buying property in Costa Rica is a townhouse. It’s similar to a condo or apartment but has multiple levels. It’s also attached to other residences on one or both sides but not on the top or bottom.

As you look into buying property in Costa Rica, you need to decide what type of residence you want to own. The answer depends on how you’ll use it and your budget. If you’re comfortable with other people living nearby, condos in Costa Rica can be more affordable than standalone homes. A house is probably your best bet when you want more peace and quiet.


Location plays a major role in the overall appeal and value of property in Costa Rica. Beachfront property is especially appealing, particularly for renters and short-term residents. Costa Rica beach condos for sale tend to get a lot of traction among buyers.

Building in Costa Rica

In addition to finding Costa Rica condos and apartments for sale, you may also come across parcels of land that are up for sale. Choosing to purchase a piece of land typically requires you to build a house in the future. Of course, the zoning of the land will determine what you can build there. But the building process has its own list of pros and cons. It can be difficult to manage a construction project if you’re not local or familiar with the processes. 

Pros of Buying Property in Costa Rica

If you’ve ever been to the Gold Coast, you know all about its incredible appeal. The stunning landscape, lush greenery, and proximity to multiple oceans ensure that this country is on most travelers’ bucket lists. But finding a hotel that provides the amenities you want at a price that fits into your budget might be difficult, especially if you’re traveling during peak seasons. Buying property in Costa Rica eliminates the need to find a hotel in the future.

You can also browse condos in Costa Rica that include all the features and amenities you want. If you’re planning to relocate to the country on a long-term basis, your needs will differ. If you want to rent your property, you might look for specific amenities that appeal to renters, such as beach access.

Buying an apartment for sale in Costa Rica may also provide access to shared amenities, like a community pool or a picnic area. Most condo communities also have front gates for added security, while some even have 18-hole golf courses, private hiking trails, sport courts, and clubhouses. In exchange, the owner pays the homeowner’s fees, also called strata or HOA fees. These can be charged monthly, quarterly, or annually.

It’s easy to see why many people are buying property in Costa Rica. This tropical paradise has something for everyone, whether you’re into relaxing on the beach or zip lining through the jungle. At Costa Rica Real Estate, we can help you navigate the complexities of the Costa Rican real estate market. Our helpful and knowledgeable agents are experts when it comes to finding Costa Rica beach condos for sale, along with other types of properties.