How To Find Costa Rica Land for Sale

Costa Rica Land for Sale

Costa Rica is an incredibly beautiful country with coastlines on both the Pacific and Caribbean Oceans. It’s well-known for its biodiversity, beaches, and laid-back way of life, which draw countless tourists to the location each year. But when you want to be more than just a tourist, you may consider buying Costa Rica land. Explore this guide that outlines what to look for before you consider your purchase of Costa Rican land.

Growth Path of Costa Rica


Costa Rica is a thriving area that has experienced significant growth over the years. Both residential and commercial growth has changed the landscape of various neighborhoods and areas spread throughout the country. Additionally, the natural surroundings can impact Costa Rica land, as a river or mountain could cut right through a piece of property, limiting where you can build or develop.

Before investing in land for sale, look at a map to determine where the growth path might lead. You can use this information to determine whether the Costa Rica land for sale aligns with your vision for the property or if you should keep looking.

Signs of Erosion in Land For Sale


Since rainfall is abundant throughout the nation, it’s important to look for properties that sit at the tops of hills rather than the bottoms. When you walk around a piece of land for sale, check for signs of erosion, such as rills, cracks, and floating islands. Soil erosion is a real problem among Costa Rica real estate owners, and it’s an issue you don’t want to face if you can avoid it. 

Zoning and Utilities


The zoning of the Costa Rica land for sale that you’re considering buying will determine how you can use it now and in the future. Since the land’s topography can vary drastically across different parts of the region, your goals for development may also be affected. Something else to think about is whether the property has access to utilities. Local utility companies typically only provide service within a certain area, and water issues can make it more difficult to build and reside on properties.

Before agreeing to purchase any Costa Rica land, make sure you know it can connect to utilities. If you plan to use the property as a short-term rental, you should also check with local television and internet providers to keep guests connected and entertained during their stays.

A Clear Title When Buying Land


The process of buying Costa Rica land for sale differs little from buying land in Canada and the U.S. One thing you can’t afford to overlook is the title. If you buy Costa Rica real estate that doesn’t have a clear title, you might end up with partial ownership or legal headaches down the road. During the inspection period, make sure to check for any potential legal issues with the land for sale, such as annotations or liens.

Location and Views From Your Costa Rican Property


When you think about Costa Rica, your mind probably conjures images of lush forests and gorgeous beaches. While these are certainly appealing elements of the Gold Coast, there are also areas that aren’t quite as beautiful or appealing. Make sure to assess the location of any Costa Rica land for sale before you invest. Location plays a major role in the value and appeal of Costa Rica real estate.

Take a look at the views available from the property as well, especially if you plan to use it as a rental. Ocean or forest views can sell a rental property, helping to increase your chances of keeping it booked.

Find a Trusted Costa Rican Real Estate Agent


Whether you’re planning to permanently relocate to Costa Rican land or purchase a vacation property, you need to work with an agent who knows the area well. Trying to handle the buying process on your own could result in a number of issues, including overpaying for the land or misunderstanding the deal. Costa Rica Real Estate has a dedicated team of realtors who can help you find Costa Rica land for sale along the Gold Coast.


Costa Rica Independence Day

Girl dancing in parade for Independence




Women Dancing for Independence Day

Costa Rica Independence is on September 15, 2021, and everyone here celebrated its 200th Anniversary. That actual event occurred on September 15 1721 and Costa Rica’s government declared the actual observation for nationals take place on Monday, September 13 this year. But Costa Rica independence has been celebrated all year, culminating this month with activities like concerts, dances, parades all over the country.

Just what are we celebrating? Well, it’s a complicated history. Costa Rica was populated by indigenous peoples, but then conquered by Spain’s Christopher Columbus in 1502. He claimed the country for Guatemala as a province of Spain, and things stayed this way for 300 years. After the Mexican War of Independence, which lasted 11 years from 1810 to 1821, Costa Rica became part of Mexico, and then gained full independence as a standalone country that year. That’s what Costa Rica Independence represents.

People who live in Costa Rica also honor the many strides the country has taken to be a Democratic country, which was established as so in 1869. Here’s some of the country’s assets also celebrated:

No Army

A disputed presidential election in 1948 resulted in an armed uprising for 44 days called Costa Rican Civil War. With 2,000-plus dead, the victorious military leaders abolished the military. It’s been 73 years without an army. That’s one reason Costa Ricans are considered some of the most peaceful people in the world.

Public Education

Costa Rica has a literary rate of 97.9 percent! All kindergarden, grade school, high school and public Universities are free.  The higher education facilties are Costa Rica Institute of Technology, Universidad de Costa Rica, Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica, National Technical University and Universidad Estatal a Distancia.

Public Health System

In 1941, Costa Rica initiated the first major legislation that would provide health coverage to its workers. Called the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social the program has been expanded through the years to include citizens and permanent residents as well. And, no tourist will be turned away for an emergency in the public medical system.

National Park System

What can be better than a country that has a whole governmental department dedicated to the protection of the environment? The National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC or Sistema Nacional de Areas de Conservacion) oversees all forest, wildlife, protected areas, and river basins and water systems.

Boys drumming in parade for Costa Rica Independence

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September 18, 2021

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