AM Costa Rica is one of Costa Rica’s prominent news sources, and for good reason! Over the course of the past 11 years, the online publication has been a diverse and compelling source for uncovering the current ins-and-outs of Costa Rica.  Their news is delivered in English, which is why it has become the #1 online Costa Rican news resource for expatriates in the country. However, their readership is not limited to people within Costa Rica. Over the course of their existence, they’ve managed to establish ½ of their readership abroad. Additionally, the articles are available in Spanish on the site’s second page, which greatly expands their potential reader base.

AM Costa Rica

The familiar look of AM Costa Rica’s home page.

One cause of their rise to prominence has been the variety in their news delivery.  Though AM Costa Rica covers the news necessities with great enthusiasm, much of their charm comes from lifestyle, culture, and opinion pieces. A very cool section of the publication is sports. Because of the landscape of Costa Rica, some of the prominent stories regard notable fish hauls or an unbelievable surf.  The sports section also covers Costa Rica’s American Football league, national Olympic efforts, and, of course, futbol!

Throughout the existence of the publication, Jo Stuart has regularly written opinion pieces for the Friday edition. She gets up close and personal with her readers, sharing her experiences living in Costa Rica. Reading her weekly pieces is highly recommended, and they’re informative and fun as well! Also, was it mentioned that it’s free?  Due to the popularity of the website, operating costs are covered by businesses who advertise on AM Costa Rica. The home page is covered with ads for top-notch vacations, real estate, services and more! Because of the heavy flow of traffic, advertising on their front page is money in the bank for any well-operated business!

Whether you’re looking for a place to get your must-read Costa Rican news, or just some fun articles, AM Costa Rica is the place to go!

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