How will 2014 be any different than the previous year? What will YOU do this time that will improve your life? The reality is 9 out of 10 people will assume the familiar route and 2014 will simply be a repeat of 2013. Pretty boring isn't it?

The world is changing and society as we know it is in a perpetual state of transition. For the most part the world seems to be resisting this change and people all across the planet are standing up in defense of a way of life without fear. A safer world. A simpler world.

This is all at risk of forever being lost.


Actual sunset photo taken from the Mar Vista clubhouse

However there is a place where a community of like-minded people exists - a place where family, health and happiness are foremost. A place where people are RIGHT NOW living in harmony with nature. A truly sustainable lifestyle.

This place is Mar Vista.

Mar Vista is situated along the shores of Costa Rica's famous Gold Coast in Guanacaste. A place where pristine white sand beaches and lush landscapes come together in paradise. The area is popular amongst snowbirds who seek to escape the cold winters and instead opt to relax in one of the most beautiful locations on the planet.

FUN FACT: did you know that Costa Rica has been voted the happiest place on the planet to live for 3 years running?

What sets Mar Vista apart is the fact there's NO WAITING. No renderings of "what could be"...simply's all here ready and waiting!

A few of the amenities already in place at Mar Vista include:

  • Fully operational K-12 La Paz School with over 200 students from 20+ different countries
  • Full-service clubhouse with restaurant, infinity pool and playground for the kids all overlooking the Pacific Ocean
  • Two professional level clay tennis courts with onsite tennis pro for lessons
  • Natural rock amphitheater with cascading streams and yoga retreat perched amongst the jungle
  • Organic orchards and gardens featuring a variety of exotic fruits and vegetables to enjoy
  • Hiking and biking trails located throughout the project for families to enjoy outdoor activities together
  • Entire project is gated and secured with onsite guards 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • A truly sustainable lifestyle with minimal impact on the environment without compromising luxury

So if this Christmas you're in the mood for change, maybe it's time to make your PRESENT your FUTURE with a purchase of a vacation home at Mar Vista - affordable living without compromise. Oceanview home sites starting from just $99,000 while affordable North American standard turnkey homes start for as little as $299,000.

Imagine securing your piece of paradise for as little as $10,000 down in the best-selling community in Costa Rica?

Top 4 Reasons People Prefer The Pura Vida Lifestyle

Pura vida means "pure life" and it is indicative to the lifestyle you can expect. Here's why so many people call Costa Rica home...

  • Voted happiest place to live on Earth by the Happy Planet Index (HPI) 3 years in a row.
  • Designated as one of only five Blue Zones on the planet where people live longer, happier lives.
  • No standing army since the president - and Nobel Prize winner - disbanded it in 1949
  • Costa Rica is the most eco-friendly and sustainable nation on the globe that sets the standard for other countries to follow.

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