real estate in costa ricaAs the authority in real estate in Costa Rica, we often get asked this question so we felt it might be a good subject to write about in our blog.

Like anywhere else in the world…Costa Rica has a large cross section of locales that appeal to all kinds of different buyers. Ultimately the beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what might catch the eye of one investor, might not appeal to another. That being said here are a few things to consider when contemplating the idea of buying Costa Rica real estate.

Metro San Jose is like any other metropolitan city…congested and polluted. Which is why many foreigners coming to the country for the first time tend to want to get out of the city and head to the fresher climates of the coast or even the plethora of valleys and mountains draped in rain forests. However if accessibility to amenities like you might find back in the US are a concern, then San Jose is certainly the place to be given it’s loaded with North American branded restaurants, clothing stores and other shopping centres typical of the “big city”.

The outskirts of San Jose are quite a few outlying communities that provide quick access to the city while still remaining quiet and for the most part quaint. Areas like Alajuela, Heredia and Cartago provide a year round temperate climate with nice breezes to keep one cool from the humidity. These areas are quite common locations for pockets of foreigners looking to relocate while remaining “connected”.

Limon is situated along the Caribbean coast. This is probably the least popular of the territories for foreigners looking to invest. It is unknown why expats prefer to migrate to other areas of the country given Limon’s deep heritage. The people here are Costa Rican however they speak using a mix of English and Spanish called Creole. Real estate values here are typically far less than other areas of the country.

Puntarenas which includes the North, Central and Southern Pacific regions, is a popular choice. The communities along this coast like Jaco, Dominical, Uvita and the Osa Peninsula, all offer world-class surf and therefore attract a large amount of interest for this reason. With the recent completion of the Costenera Highway, real estate values continue to rise.

Guanacaste has always remained a popular choice. Given the highest flow of tourism goes through this province, it’s no surprise that real estate here is hot. With some of the finest beaches in the country, the Gold Coast remains a hit with tourists and investors alike. As of late however there’s been an emerging commercial sector springing up around the Liberia International airport. As industries like medical tourism and eco-travel take their foothold, this provides opportunity for savvy investors to stake their claim. Already there are some big names opening shop in Guanacaste including Four Seasons, Westin, Hyatt, JW Marriott and many others.

In closing…it’s difficult to pick just one portion of the country to invest but what we can tell you is the following.

When considering buying real estate in Costa Rica you will want to be sure – don’t buy simply based on advice from someone else who’s recently moved here. Do your research. Stay awhile. And see if any particular region is right for you and your family.

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