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Many lucky families already called Mar Vista home. This is a community unlike any other with an existing thriving community of residents including a K-12 school onsite with over 200 students from 20+ different countries. Also onsite you will find an extraordinary clubhouse/restaurant with infinity pool that seamlessly appears to slip in to the spectacular Pacific beaches of Costa Rica's Gold Coast. This fully sustainable eco-friendly community is a reality - no promises of what could be or renderings of what your home might look like - it's all here...ready for you!

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Sit in on a virtual tour of the most established eco-friendly and sustainable community in the country. Mar Vista is home to a thriving community of expats who are already enjoying the pura vida lifestyle. Affordable living in paradise is what Mar Vista represents.

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The experts at Costa Rica Real Estate (CRREC) have compiled a comprehensive guide to living, playing and investing in Costa Rica. The Definitive Guide to Costa Rica is an 87-page guide covering a variety of subjects including making Costa Rica home, exciting activities and tours, adapting to life, the many benefits to living in paradise and even investment and retirement advice.

  • Living in Costa Rica

    The Definitive Guide to Costa Rica covers all aspects of living here including preparing to move here right down to adapting to the Costa Rican way of life – a much more laid back lifestyle than you’re probably use to.

  • Playing in Costa Rica

    Whether it’s a vacation with family or you’re flying solo, Costa Rica is the place to be to unwind and relax. But there’s also plenty of exciting activities and tours for even the most adventuresome traveler.

  • Investing in Costa Rica

    MSNBC once called the Costa Rica real estate market one of the hottest in the world. These days we are seeing plenty of opportunity for those looking for their own slice of paradise at affordable prices.

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