Costa Rica Prepares For Round 2 Of Polar Vortex

...after last week's State of Emergency expats throughout Costa Rica are becoming increasingly concerned.

The chilling ripple effects of last week's declaration of a state of emergency for all of Costa Rica has expats  preparing for Round 2 as the Eastern United States once again descends in to sub-zero temperatures.

PLAYA CONCHAL – After the effects of last weeks arrival of the Polar Vortex and sending mercury levels plunging to a record low 73°F (23 °C) expats around the country are not going to be caught off guard yet again.

Expat preparedness groups have begun to popup around the country in anticipation for what could be the coldest temperatures in Costa Rica's history with levels expected to drop to a frigid 71.6°F - or for our Canadian friends to the north, 22 °C.

sheets“Who'd have thought that after moving away from Minnesota in 2010 to Costa Rica, we'd see such cold temperatures. I mean what's next... shovels and ski masks?" said expat Suzy Exaggeratesalot.

Tourism has also been affected throughout the country while travelers ask hard questions about their attire during their vacation time in Costa Rica. Many are opting for warmer clothing like Hanes Beefy T's and even socks to keep their feet warm during the chilly evenings during this rare phenomena.

“We're thinking ahead and packing closed-toed sandals and short-sleeved shirts,” said one U.S. traveler expecting to stake claim to one of the many available white sand beaches of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica's tourism board has issued an alert to travelers to expect a slight change in water colors off the Pacific Coast to a more vibrant turquoise color due to increased ocean currents blowing in as a result of the Polar Vortex.

For those who've already migrated to Costa Rica from the US and Canada, thing might get a little hairy as expat communities begin to come together in preparation for what could be "the big chill". Expats have been spotted buying stockpiles of fresh organic fruits and vegetables and even going as far as to raid stores shelves of their remaining stock of suntan lotion.

"Who knows how long it could be before we see rain again? We're not taking any chances and plan on being safe rather than sorry when this second round of the Polar Vortex swings in to Costa Rica." said one shopper at a local outdoor farmers market.

With meteorologists predicting the front to last through Sunday, they also warn ocean temperatures could dip to a "chilly" 85-86°F (30°C).

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