Everyone at is committed to making your transition to Costa Rica seamless. We work with each individual or group to design a plan that accommodates their specific needs; from finding the perfect lot, home, or condo through every service required in the process of relocating. From the start of your search and even beyond the moment you open up your doors to the Costa Rican wilderness, we’ll be here to make sure your relationship with Costa Rica is prosperous.

Beyond offering the highest quality properties, we’ve made it our priority to set ourselves apart by providing shipping services, closing services, attorneys, as well as additional aids in establishing residency, a health care plan, retirement, and education. We have trusted associates in each service area, so please contact us at any time for quotes, additional information, or any questions that you may have.


Many condos and homes come fully furnished – including appliances, linens, utensils, artwork, etc. – so people’s shipping needs vary. Costa Rican furniture tends to be less comfortable than American and European products, so we recommend that couch and bed lovers consider bringing their beloved pieces from home. Prices on a 20’ to 40’ container vary, but are generally in the ballpark of $10,000 depending on what’s inside. Every item will have an import fee. New items will have higher fees than used goods, and specific types of items will have higher taxes – such as electronics. Shipping a car to Costa Rica has a fair share of negatives and positives. First off, importing a car is expensive. The tax alone can cost half to ¾ of the car’s retail value. Additionally, Costa Rica doesn’t manufacture automobiles, so it can be extremely difficult to find parts and proper auto repair for models that aren’t regularly imported here. However, buying a car in Costa Rica is also quite expensive, especially considering the lack of variety.  If you have a fairly inexpensive, used car with a clean history, it may be worth shipping since the import fees wouldn’t be too taxing.


Becoming a resident in Costa Rica is not required, but it is an option to consider for anyone planning on spending significant time here. An application costs $50 in countries of origin and $250 for anyone applying within Costa Rica. There are a variety of benefits and simplicities that come with residency – such as nuances of land ownership, banking, traveling, and health care; however, you can live here and have access to everything you need simply with an up-to-date passport. We can direct you to a consular office or embassy if you wish to apply for residency within Costa Rica, or help you with the process of applying for Costa Rican residency from your home country. 

Attorneys, Closing Services, and Corporations

Laws in Costa Rica are quite different than in the US or Europe. It’s crucial to have a knowledgeable, trusted attorney at your side for various transactions in Costa Rica, especially when it comes to land ownership and retention.  We would be happy to provide you with our partnered, expert attorneys, or lead you in the direction of finding your own!

In order to ensure the purchase of your home, condo, or lot goes 100% smoothly, we have closing agents who will run a title search (to make sure the property is legal and has a clean slate) and set up escrow services (in order to keep the land from experiencing any hold ups through unpaid taxes or insurance fees).

When a foreigner buys property in Costa Rica, it is usually best for them to form a corporation to title the property under. It costs up to $500 to open a corporation, and it requires that a resident of Costa Rica holds at least 50% of the shares. However, the resident can sell their half to the purchaser once the sale is finished. A trusted attorney should always be involved in such sales, to make sure the transaction goes through smoothly.


Costa Rica is a great place to relocate for families, and high quality education is one of many reasons! Though the Costa Rican education system is great, it is nonetheless important to settle near high quality private or public schools (especially if there are plans for your child to attend an American or European university in the future). Most public schools that are up to international standards are located in the Central Valley. Public education is free for all citizens of Costa Rica. Private schools vary in price and style. Many are geared towards expatriates and provide diplomas, testing, and additional necessities for attending US and other international institutions. We have personal relationships with a handful of amazing schools, so don’t hesitate to contact us about finding the right fit for your family!

la paz

A photo taken at the La Paz Community School in Guanacaste.


In the September/October 2010 issue of AARP the magazine, Atenas – a town in Costa Rica’s Central Valley – was named one of the top 10 places in the world to retire abroad; not only did the AARP acknowledge that the qualities mentioned about Atenas can be applied to countless areas in the Central Valley, but that the Gold Coast on the northern Pacific was comparable, though different.

There are retirees from Canada, the US, Europe, and South America all over Costa Rica! From the hot, sunny coasts to the mild Central Valley, there are tons of dream locations for anyone interested in retiring abroad. Additionally, Costa Rica is extremely accessible, so it’ll be easy for the entire family to come visit!

Health Care

Health Care in Costa Rica is world renowned for both its quality and price. Public health care is provided to residents only, but private health care is available to foreigners and is much cheaper than comparable care abroad. Find more information on health care here.

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