Polar Vortex Causes Mad Rush To Costa Rica!

as people seek refuge from icy temperatures international airports across the country are overwhelmed by huge influxes of tourist arrivals.

While many North Americans are weathering one of the worst cold fronts to hit the region in over 50 years, some are saying, "enough is enough" and hoping on a plane and heading south.

headline-vortexTamarindo Beach, Costa Rica – Hotels and resorts around the country are reporting a massive influx of tourists to the country thanks in part to what people are calling a 100-year storm.

With short flight times to and from Costa Rica, people are beginning to opt out of the cold and in to sol (aka sun).

“One frigid night when my husband returned from work [Saint Paul, Minnesota] I look at him as he dusted off the icy snow from his clothes and said, "we need a vacation honey". And with that I immediately began researching vacation packages to Costa Rica,” said Leslie Markez.

Agencies around the country are scrambling to keep up to demand as hotels are reporting shortages of available rooms throughout many of the country's top destinations including Guanacaste, Arenal, Manuel Antonio and many beach spots popular amongst tourists.

“We were super lucky to find space at Si Como No [Manuel Antonio] because we'd been here before - in fact we got married here in 2009 - so when the agent at Costa Rica Vacations told us the good news, we wasted no time booking our stay,” said one U.S. tourist Jennifer Hinds, as she sipped her piña colada poolside overlooking the beach. “I mean it's quite funny how my husband and I enjoy the hot sun and beaches of Costa Rica while our coworkers are freezing their butts off back home in New York.” as she chuckles a bit.

According to this mornings article by the New York Post, sea life are preferring the waters of the Arctic Circle over the Atlantic. Yes its that cold! As you can see in the attached article, sea lions are pushing up the East River further and further in an attempt to escape the frigid temperatures of the Atlantic seaboard.

After the arrival of this 3rd round of what has been called the storm of the century, Costa Rica has taken steps to prepare for yet another mad rush of tourists looking to dodge the icy conditions along with repeat snowfall throughout the States and Canada.

Leading travel experts at Costa Rica Vacations have made themselves available 24/7 via their toll free hotline especially to handle the growing number of people booking holidays to this popular tropical destination...

call now hotline

if operators are busy, please call again!

I'm Not Built For This Weather, How Can I Escape?

It's time...it's time you got away from it all - the frozen rain, icy road conditions, waist high snowfalls - and instead changing it all for margaritas and mojitos on the beach in Costa Rica.

We've got you covered there! Costa Rica Vacations is currently offering steep discounts on custom "Polar Vortex Escape Packages" to get you out of the cold and on to the beach.

But if you're still not convinced...

Here are four reasons why you should NOT come to Costa Rica on holiday.

  • You prefer snow & sleet over sun and the beach
  • You prefer scraping your windows each morning
  • You love it when your top lip freezes to your nose
  • You cant wait to get outside to shovel your way out each morning


So you’ve decided enough is enough and you need some time in the sun and lounging on the beach instead of digging yourself out of the snow every morning…GREAT.

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