Are You Tired Of The Snow?

The good news is you only have to wait this much longer to warm up...

If you're the type of person who thoroughly enjoys drudging through waist high snow banks to get to their car in the morning only to have to dig out their car from the night's snowfall. Or maybe you're the type who gets a kick out of scraping ice from your windshield so you can risk life and death driving to work - then you might as well stop reading now as this isn't for you.

For the rest of us who can't handle the gripe of winter a moment longer - the ones who are fed up of freezing temperatures and sunlight deprivation disorders from remaining indoors for long periods of time to escape the perils of winter.

By now I'm confident you've heard about Costa Rica. Maybe even too much. But what I am about to share with you is one thing I guarantee you've not heard before.

First a few quick facts...

  • Costa Rica has been without a military since 1949 and instead reallocated funds towards education and medicare.
  • Costa Rica has been elected the happiest place to live on Earth for 3 years running by the Happy Planet Index.
  • Costa Rica is one of only five Bluezones in the world where people live longer more fulfilling lives.

More Than You Dream For Less Than You Think

Costa Rica really is a paradise of natural beauty unlike anywhere else in the world. Each year we see the annual "snowbirds" migration whereas thousands come to escape the frigid temperatures of the north and relax along one of the many beaches of Costa Rica's Gold Coast in Guanacaste.

Guanacaste has become a favorite destination for expats and as a result a bustling expat community thrives here in peace and harmony with pura vida - the motto of Costa Rica meaning "pure life".



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