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welcomes you to explore living and retirement opportunities in Costa Rica. Costa Rica offers great accessibility and affordability from the United States, Canada, Europe and South America. Because of the peaceful nature of the county and the raw beauty Costa Rica offers the buzz seems to be discussed everywhere these days. With more and more direct flights being added every month, and miles of still untouched Costa Rica coast line the country remains an as yet undiscovered paradise. Now Boasting world class infrastructure including a recently opened world class internationally accredited hospital in the Guanacaste Province, and numerous American style bi-lingual schools at your fingertips Costa Rica  is a strong consideration for families or retirees to find and thrive on a more relaxed way of life.

Additionally as many may know Costa Rica does not possess a standing army maning that much of the resources are kept within the realm of education and general social welfare of the country. Another truly amazing fact is that this tiny country contains over 5% of the worlds bio-diversity, and boasts five micro-climates. By comparison North America has only two.

What wonders await those visiting Costa Rica for the first time, exotic fruits, wondrous animal and plant species and let us not forget to mention that Costa Rica is truly a bird lovers paradise.

For those of you contemplating the purchase of Costa Rica Real Estate a brief forewarning. Not all countries ae created equal with regards to unscrupulous sales tactics. We at are committed to providing only the most trusted members of the Real Estate service community within these pages.


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