Guanacaste Costa Rica

Guanacaste Costa Rica

A beautiful look at Guanacaste.

Guanacaste is a Costa Rican province located in the northwest, bordering Nicaragua, and contains some of the most popular destinations in the                           country; including the surf town of Tamarindo, the stunning Conchal Beach, and Liberia, the capital of Guanacaste.

A large portion of Guanacaste stretches across the pacific coast, causing the area to be a tourist hot-spot, but is also an increasingly popular place for permanent residency among expatriates. The region boasts plenty of ocean view properties, nearly unparalleled in beauty. Conchal beach, located in northern Guanacaste near the towns Brasilito and Flamingo, is striking beyond imaginable!

Just a few drops of rain fall from December to April, which is dry season in Guanacaste, is considered summer in this part of Costa Rica. With long, hot, sunny days during the dry season, the region comes to life. Visitors and part time residents to flock to the area’s magnificent beaches and never ending sun.

The period from May to November is considered rainy season, or winter. During rainy season, the sun still rises at 5:30 in the morning and may shine through the entire day. During most days, however, it will rain for an hour in the afternoon and sometimes another hour at night. Towards the end of rainy season, in September and October, a few stretches of days will experience torrential downpours. These months are the quietest time of the year for tourism in Guanacaste. But for those who are considering relocating to this region, a couple days of rain is probably significantly more appealing than whatever winter produces back home!

Not all of the province sits on the coast, so tourism isn’t the only thing keeps things moving in the area. The root of Guanacaste’s economy is centered on beef cattle ranching.  However, because of a lessened international demand for beef, some of the extended pastures of grasses for cattle ranching are being converted to tree plantations, or are simply transitioning back to dry forests naturally.

In the mid 2000s, land in the province was rapidly being purchased by investors. However, since the housing boom, up until recently, homes and properties were basically idling, with very little growth occurring. But now, interest in the area is mounting, especially in the ocean side areas. People are once again looking to purchase property and homes in the area, though, much of the activity involves soon to be expatriates, ready to life the hammock-laden or beach chair life awaiting Costa Rica.

Overall, Guanacaste is currently a thriving portion of Costa Rica, and is only growing. A brand new airport and hospital just began operation in Liberia, and more infrastructure and amenities are consistently moving into the area. For anyone looking to relocate or travel to Costa Rica, Guanacaste certainly offers some of the premier spots in Costa Rica!