Who hasn’t dreamed of retiring to a tropical paradise? Lured by low cost of living and thriving expat communities, retirees are finding it’s easier than they thought to make their dreams reality.

With 10,000 baby boomers retiring each day in North America, those seeking to make their retirement savings go further are choosing to retire abroad, and many are opting for the Costa Rica Pura Vida lifestyle.

If you’re looking perpetual warm weather, rich and lush natural tropical beauty, a laid back slow, stress-free life and low real estate costs to buy or rent, Costa Rica is an ideal retirement choice.

how to retire in costa ricaCosta Rica made it into the Top 10 Best International Retirement Destinations, as ranked by the Annual Global Retirement Index 2013. This has a great deal to do with the fact that the Costa Rica government is very pro active in terms of making it easier for retirees to live, buy and invest in this tropical eco-wonderland.

Costa Rica is known as one of the premier destinations for relaxed eco-living, low cost living and with many existing expat comminutes and news one being developed each year.

Costa Rica has one of the best values for your buck when it comes to purchasing properties and rentals. Terrence Johnson moved to Alajuela West Costa Rica, because of its famed perfect weather, after reading National Geographic rated the region as the one of the best weather location on the planet.

“My wife and I found a 3 bedroom house in Alajuela, Costa Rica, for only $320 a month. A house like this in Canada would have cost us about $1,200 per month. We are only 1 hour by bus to San Jose to enjoy a night out in the city and if we want to relax on the beaches it only 1 hour as well.”  Terrence said.

“Not only is the rent cheap but fruits, vegetables and fish, all of our favorite foods, are at least 40% less expensive here in Costa Rica, and utilities are also a lot less expensive

“Several of my friends from Canada that are retired or are planning retirement have asked me how hard it was to make the move to Costa Rica. For us it was really quite simple. We rented our house out in Canada through a management company, landed here with our personal belongings rented at a nice little B&B for a couple weeks until we found a place to rent with furniture, and moved in. We have our residency process underway and that’s about it. Very simple for us” Terrance continued.

If you’re considering spending your sunset years abroad, Costa Rica is a great choice for so many reasons: low cost of living, easy residency processes and superb weather are just a few. To receive more information about escaping to Costa Rica you can download our 87 page Definitive Guide to Costa Rica here.

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