Contrary to popular belief, Costa Rica is not an island. Situated between Nicaragua and Panama in Central America, Costa Ricais a beautiful country perfect for those seeking paradise. Whether you’re planning your retirement or looking for a new environment to continue working, schooling, or simply living, it could be the right country for you!

Costa Rica

Despite what the neighbors told you, Costa Rica is not an island.

Even though Costa Rica is no larger than West Virginia, with rainforest scattered across the country, it contains an astounding five percent of the world’s biodiversity — 1/20 of all the world’s living organisms! Where else can you hear parrots converse or monkeys howl over a delicious breakfast of gallo pinto and fresh fruit? One of the many reasons Ticos and Ticas, local men and women, experience unprecedented life longevity is because of their nutritious, but tasty diets. Gallo pinto – a dish made of white rice and black beans, prepared with spices, onions, and sweet peppers for flavor – is a staple of Costa Rican cuisine and is most commonly served at breakfast. Local pineapples, bananas, and coffee (beans) are the best you’ll ever taste, and are uncoincidentally the chief exports of Costa Rica.

Despite the abundance of these exports, the Costa Rican economy relies primarily on tourism. Climate varies by region, so different lifestyle aspects and tourist activities are favored depending on location, but are certainly not limited to a specific area.  A few of the popular destinations are beaches in the Guanacaste region in the Pacific Northwest, the Arenal Volcano, and any portion of the 25 percent of the country set aside for national parks and wildlife reserves. Fun in the sun, adventurous hikes and whitewater rafting, and rare species sightings are popular to these regions respectively, but can be experienced in all!

Costa Rica

Playa Conchal is an amazing beach located in the Pacific northwest of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is a democratic nation in favor of equal opportunity, and thus is home to a large middle class. The country is relatively poor in relation to most developed nations, however, Costa Rica is much more stable financially than its Central American neighbors. With expanding tourism and an influx of expatriates, Costa Rica continues to develop and is visibly on the upswing! Also of note about the government, is that there is currently no standing army, which was abolished at the conclusion of a civil war in 1948. Not to be worried, though! Costa Rica still provides the resources and bodies necessary for local law enforcement and peacekeeping abroad.

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