Costa Rica for Your Sunset Years

Who hasn’t dreamed of retiring to a tropical paradise? Lured by low cost of living and thriving expat communities, retirees are finding it’s easier than they thought to make their dreams reality. With 10,000 baby boomers retiring each day in North America, those seeking to make their retirement savings go further are choosing to retire […]

Retire in Latin America: It all About Quality of Life

Jonathon and his wife Camille Strathhorn added the “retirement abroad” strategy to their retirement plan in 1999 with a target date of being retired “somewhere in Latin America” by 2006 or 2007. Camille reminisces on those retirement planning years during a Skype interview “Those were fun years – the planning years; we would take 1 […]

Costa Rica: Golfing With Bunnies

Links & Laces Amateur Golf Tour comes to Costa Rica on March 7th and 8th at the Reserva Conchal Golf Resort. This once in a lifetime opportunity to play in the Costa Rica International is topped with the idea of golfing at one of the world’s finest golf resorts along the shores of the prestigious […]

Costa Rica Property Taxes Due!

Tuesday, January 15th is the deadline for payment on “luxury home tax” while corporations – whether active or inactive – have to pay their corporate taxes also but the end of the month of January. Like anywhere else, Costa Rica levies penalties against delinquent accounts so you’ll want to be sure to get them paid […]

Where to Buy the Best Costa Rica Real Estate?

As the authority in real estate in Costa Rica, we often get asked this question so we felt it might be a good subject to write about in our blog. Like anywhere else in the world…Costa Rica has a large cross section of locales that appeal to all kinds of different buyers. Ultimately the beauty […]

3 Reasons Why 2013 Will Be A Big Year For Costa Rica Real Estate

It’s no secret that back in the mid-90s the Costa Rica real estate sector was an emerging market. So much so that it caught the attention of NBC whereas they labelled it the “Hottest Real Estate Market on the Globe.” Since those days, many circumstances and events have arisen that put most of the world in […]