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We know that the choice to purchase real estate in a foreign country presents itself with unique challenges. Our team of qualified agents and affiliate professionals have a common goal: to facilitate every phase of your Costa Rica experience from...

  • the searching for that "perfect place"
  • to its purchase
  • to its furnishing
  • to facilitating the moving of your personal goods from your home country
  • to the purchase of a vehicle
  • to the process of attaining your permanent residency
  • to quality health care and health insurance

...we have dedicated, proven, and trustworthy professionals ready to help you make the transition to your "little piece of paradise" an enjoyable and seamless experience.

Costa Rica Vacation Packages

We are here to serve you! We have agents and affiliate professionals throughout Costa Rica. We have offices in located throughout the country. Whether you are looking for that special home, a gorgeous ocean view lot to build your dream home or a large piece of property to develop, we have the experience and knowledge to guide you through your entire Costa Rica experience!

We are buyer's agents! We are here to represent you and help you get a great deal on that perfect home, condo, hotel or investment property.

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Costa Rica Real Estate

Costa Rica real estate has begun to see a tremendous amount of interest of late - Americans, Canadians, and Europeans all looking to escape the economic crisis are finding a solace here in Costa Rica. Our team of dedicated agents and affiliated professionals have a combined experience of over sixty years in the real estate sector. During that time we have been able to amass a great deal of knowledge in order to better serve our clients in pursuit of their dream of exploring real estate for sale in Costa Rica and the options available to them. We know that the choice to purchase real estate in a foreign country presents it's own unique challenges.

NBC called The Costa Rica Real Estate Market The Hottest On The Planet

Our team of qualified agents and affiliated professionals have one common goal; that is to facilitate every phase of your Costa Rica real estate purchase. From searching for that perfect Costa Rica property, through the purchasing process and even assistance in acquiring your residency, we have dedicated, proven, and trustworthy professionals ready to help you make the transition to your "little piece of paradise" in what has been called the happiest place on Earth to live.


Costa Rica offers a truly diverse selection of settings and climates - from the dry tropical rain forests of Guanacaste, to the southern jungles and intense wildlife of the Osa Peninsula, it truly has a climate and vibrancy for many different appeals.


Heredia for example is diverse and affordable. The province itself is the smallest in Costa Rica but it contains the booming city of the same name...Heredia. Due to expansion in both urban and rural areas, land and home costs have risen -- however Heredia is still recognized as having some of the best-priced real estate in Costa Rica. Most of the land in Heredia is lowland with exception to the southern portion of the province which has highlands and some of the most temperate climates in the Central Valley. The varying terrain and the proximity to a major city make Heredia attractive to many people considering moving to Costa Rica.

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Guanacaste Costa Rica Real Estate Is Worth A Look

Guanacaste on the other hand is an ideal real estate market for investors and those people looking for full or part time residence. Throughout the 2000's, Guanacaste saw a development boom which subsequently resulted in a huge expansion of tourism also. Though affected by the housing crash in the USA, Guanacaste remains the most prominent area in the country for beachfront real estate. Luxurious beach-front mansions dot the region however there are also a great selection of homes and condos which can still be purchased or rented at affordable prices. Prices have dipped as low as ever in the Guanacaste market but with confidence returning amongst savvy investors, the resurgence is mounting which makes buying real estate in Costa Rica a wise choice. For anyone interested in Guanacaste, now is the time to start researching the possibilities available - which are plentiful!


The AARP chose Atenas real estate as one of the Top 1o best options for retirees in the world.

The San Jose real estate scene has been the most resilient of all markets in the country. Due to the cost of property, the climate and its location, the San Jose province was the least affected area by the global housing crisis that primarily affected the USA. San Jose and the Central Valley at large, is the most popular region for expatriates and retirees. Not to mention the area (Juan Santamaria Airport) is the principal arrival point for many taking their Costa Rica vacations in paradise. There are countless suburbs within the downtown area that have pockets of expatriates and retirees. This has created an affordable and brisk real estate market in properties of varying sizes, prices, and locations. In fact, one of the most promising emerging markets are Costa Rica retirement communities -- these self-contained neighborhoods offer security, activities and a host of amenities to those seeking the perfect Costa Rica retirement community.

Whether its seclusion in the rainforest you want or a gated community of expatriates, it can be found in San Jose at the right price. The temperate climate in the 3000 foot plus elevation of the San Jose central valley is considered one of the best climates in the world, making this truly the most active real estate segment. The capital city of San Jose offers the incredible diversity and availability of food and other markets similar to other major Western cities.

Alajuela real estate is comparable to the San Jose markets. With the country’s major international airport located in the province’s namesake city (the second largest in the country), Alajuela is a convenient and accessible location. The majority of the land falls within the Central Valley so the weather is comfortable year round. Due to the size of the population, real estate here has become quite diverse in order to meet demand. Plenty of homes, lots and condominiums are available across a variety of price ranges and in settings ranging from secluded neighborhoods to expat communities and condominiums. Condos in Costa Rica is an incredibly active segment of real estate in Costa Rica. This portion of the market is for the most part centered in the surrounding areas of San Jose metro however as attention spreads to beach communities like Jaco (only 1.5 hour drive from San Jose), we begin to see more Costa Rica real estate for sale throughout the beach locations along the Pacific Ocean.


Costa Rica Real Estate Along The Beaches Is Growing in Popularity

There’s a lot of beach real estate in Dominical -- particularly due to the fact that it boast lush mountainous terrain that drops sharply in to the Pacific. The area has been referred to as "where the ocean meets the sea". Dominical is less developed from a real estate standpoint than say Guanacaste however every year there are rising trends in Dominical real estate showing us an increase in popularity. Maybe you're wondering, "where can I find the best Dominical real estate?"

Currently we have an expansive portion of our site featuring some of the finest real estate in the Dominical area. However it's important to note that surrounding communities boast bustling real estate markets including Uvita, Ojochal, and up to Quepos and Manuel Antonio.

Real estate in Cartago Costa Rica is a great option for those who work in San Jose but prefer a quieter daily lifestyle with a short commute. Nestled in the low valleys of mountains and even atop them, Costa Rica homes for sale in Cartago vary from Tico style huts to lavish mansions. The average elevation of the province is 4,708 feet above sea level which helps provide the region with its cool average temperature of just under 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Many people prefer Cartago for its rustic feel. As a province, Cartago has managed to stay relatively under the radar of Americanization. Towns still have a traditional Tico feel with no sign of a Starbucks or McDonalds. Cartago is a great area for real estate for anyone seeking a quaint lifestyle while remaining a short distance from metro San Jose.

Puntarenas is beautiful, diverse, and has an endless selection of ocean view and oceanfront properties. The province starts at the Panamanian border and stretches up along the Pacific coast and up through the bottom quarter of the Nicoya Peninsula just before Guanacaste. Puntarenas boasts some of the finest beachfront communities in the country. The infamous Manuel Antonio National Park - Costa Rica's most popular tourist destination - is located here. Tourists will find a wide selection of some of the most exquisite Manuel Antonio hotels to appease all tastes from barefoot luxury to more affordable family and surf type accommodations. It has amazing Costa Rica luxury homes to accommodate the high-end of the homes for sale in Costa Rica marketplace. In addition, some of the only fully titled beach front in Costa Rica is along the province’s Pacific coast; though such land is affordable for a very select group, such rare property is in extremely high demand and typically does not last long on the Costa Rica MLS. Not all land and homes are on the beach, but a majority of the land in Puntarenas is in close proximity. A good portion of homes, condos and lots are available at affordable rates, so Puntarenas is welcome to all beach lovers!

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